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Homily by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard on healthy community

We know what it means to be tired up in knots, captured by our own cleverness, captured by something that seems more powerful than we are.

“Unbind him. Let him go!” with these words Jesus calls Lazarus to new life. Rather than resuscitation or resurrection, this is a story about being called, a story about being drawn to a way of living, being set free to live fully.

-- Sermon by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard, St. Saviour's Parish, Bar Harbor

"On October 18, St. Saviour's hosted a great occasion - raising money for our neighbors' food and fuel here on Mount Desert Island. We are all welcome to use these buildings given by previous generations of folks on our island to serve everyone's needs. We get to enjoy them now and pass them on to all the generations to come. May the 3 Penny Cabaret be followed by many such community efforts and celebrations." -- The People of St. Saviour's Parish

The first set featured six Classic American Ragtimes, played magnificently by Masanobu Ikemiya.

The second set featured Music from the Three Penny Opera (Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht). This set is included in its entirety in this podcast:

Overture and Accompaniment: Masanobu Ikemiya

Mack the Knife: George Swanson

Jealousy Duet: Bronwyn Kortge and Cherie Magnello

Pirate Song: Nan Lincoln

Pimp's Ballad: Kortge and Frank Bachman

Finale: Audience and cast

Proceeds from the event are divided as follows: 60% to the MDI Community Campfire Coalition (for fuel donations) 15% to the Westside Food Pantry 15% to the Bar Harbor Food Pantry 10% to the Common Good Cafe- Soup Kitchen, Southwest Harbor

Donations will continue to be gratefully received. Please send checks (memo: Food and Fuel) to: Harbor House, PO Box 836, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679.

Third Sunday of Easter (B), April 26, 2009 Easter Sunday we met one another at an empty tomb. The women, surprised that the rock had been rolled away, were first amazed and then terrified in spite of the messenger’s words, “Do not be afraid.” Today we are face to face with Jesus asking us why we are afraid.

- Homily by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard, Rector of St. Saviour's Church (Bar Harbor, Maine)

Fourth Sunday of Easter (B), May 3, 2009 Fear in the face of the H1-N1 virus and our response. If the Center for Disease Control is staying up throughout the night, working 245 hours a day for our safety, how might we imagine God’s effort?

- Homily by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard

Creation is a divine act in which we share.

- Homily by Jonathan B. Appleyard

Rogation Sunday of Easter (B), May 17, 2009 The seeds that God plants in our hearts are often very disruptive.

- Homily by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard

Ascension (Seventh) Sunday (B), May 24, 2009

This week the “C” bell in our ten-bell peel stopped ringing. At first… There is something in us that doesn’t gladly accept a gap. We have a natural desire to fill the empty spot. Our brains compensate for the eye’s blind spot, created by the anatomy of the eye: our brains have the capacity to fill in the blank. Is that what we do in the face of God’s absence? I think not. There is a memory inscribed in our bodies, cast in our hearts, and sound of God’s to all the earth vibrates in our bodies and souls.

- Sermon by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard

[Note from audio editor Jim V.: It is with deep regret that this sermon is unavailable to due to my technical difficulties. It was a good one!]

When we are in grief and our hearts are broken by death, our sense of the world is shattered; our egos have no answers, in those moments we may know what those first disciples knew on Pentecost. Not about life that endures beyond death, but about life that resumes in the midst of death. Such a life births compassion and a community that endures. “There is nothing so whole as a broken heart.”

Homily by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard, Rector of St. Saviour's Parish, Bar Harbor, ME

The Holy Trinity: How can we see Isaiah’s vision of the holy of holies except through our imagination? It is the open note that vibrates with the song of creation. Lighten up the hammer of your mind that dampens our chance to resonate with God’s life and play our part in reconciling the world. -- The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard

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