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St. Saviour's Parish is an Episcopal Church committed to reverent public worship, an understanding of the Christian Faith, the spiritual renewal of our lives and the expression of our faith through community service.

"Saint Saviour" refers to Jesus Christ, our "Holy Saviour." Another way to say the same title is "Holy Redeemer" which is the name of the Roman Catholic Church across the street.

St. Saviour’s identifies itself as an “open church.” By this we mean that all persons, wherever they are in the spiritual journey, are welcome to come and be a part of this community. We seek to be a safe place for skeptics and agnostics as well as for believers. We are an inclusive church in which people from many backgrounds have found common ground. We are a diverse community which has discovered in God a oneness greater in significance than our differences. We have come to know that our variety, in truth, reflects the divine comprehensiveness of the God of all created things. People come to church for a variety of reasons. We assume that because you come, in some way – subtle or profound – the Spirit of God drew you here. The communion meal of Christ’s presence among us in the form of bread and wine is offered to anyone who comes with a sincere heart to receive it.

For further information, including upcoming events, please visit our website, http://ellsworthme.org/ssaviour/