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Sermon by The Rev. Jonathan B. Appleyard, May 17, 2010:

Waiting is one of the hardest things for us to do. Waiting when there is nothing to do, nothing that can make time hurry up, nothing but wait.

And there is a tendency to check-out! Right there and then to play solitaire, day-dream, pick the lint of our sleeve, to be anywhere except right where we are… waiting.

Yet waiting is key time in creation. Time for the paint to dry before a next layer can be applied. Waiting until the time is right to put in the call, plant the seed or pull the plug.

This week we stand between Ascension Day and Pentecost waiting. One life, one reality ended on Holy Friday, and on Easter morning everything was made new. Yet, before that new life could be fully experienced, before the true color could emerge from the layers of paint, the longing at the heart of our being, the longing which is of God, had to make root room within us and become part of every fiber of our being, our imagination, and our world.

We believe in God who gives loves, receives love and is love! Such constant longing is not fulfilled, but rather lives and enlivens and is life itself.

Growth is not instantaneous. We wait. Quantum jumps are extraordinary because they stand out against a regular surface. They punctuate long intervals when little is happening, when creation seems to hold its breadth.

Waiting is time for the life of God, loving, emptying, dying, to fill us with longing.

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